Computer-aided design of infrared radiators

High-quality software is today a precondition of building heating engineering. Most of the software works on the basis of AutoCAD upgrades. Unfortunately, we have found no "IR Radiator Heating" utility among the software, although the infrared heating of large-area premises plays a very important role. This is a very specific design procedure which however requires the knowledge of latest development and other information from this field, including sanitary, fire and other standards and recommendations. Therefore our design program SmartIng4 has been developed to see the sun and fill in the gap in this field.

What is SmartIng4

SmartIng4 is, as its name indicates, the first version of the program for quick design of heating of industrial halls by IR radiators. The program has been developed with some pauses, already since 1997. At the present the program is in Czech version, however in case of interest we are ready to deliver English version to our customers.

The intention of the program is not to replace designing using specialized CAD systems; it is rather their supplement. However, even unskilled user of this program is able to prepare the first offer including quotation, calculate the heat and gas consumption, ventilation, and draw a layout of the radiators.

Download SmartIng4

SmartIng4 EN

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