About the company

Founded in 1992, KASPO has been developing and manufacturing gas-fired light-body infrared radiators. In 1993 in launched the first generation of the IR radiators KASPO.

At present, KASPO is the biggest manufacturer of the gas-fired IR radiators in the Czech Republic. The product range includes IR radiators from 7 kW up to 50 kW, for halls with big heat losses and big suspension height. The IR radiators are adapted for combustion of natural gas, propane and its mixtures, or biogas, both in low-pressure and medium-pressure design. Standard equipment of all radiators includes innovated ceramic plates, stainless reflectors, valves HONEYWELL (low-pressure) or ASCO Joucomatic (medium-pressure) and starting automatics HONEYWELL.

Besides the light-body IR radiators, the Kaspo manufacturing programme includes also low-temperature IR radiators furnished with burned gas recirculation system; they are also known as compact gas-fuelled IR radiators, or direct radiation radiators. By its design, the materials employed, and the burned gas parameters achieved, the product represents the cutting edge in the field; sometimes it is dubbed the Third Generation Heating of Industrial Halls. Unlike the commonplace dark-body radiators these devices feature the surface temperature of approx. 250°C, intensive recirculation of burned gas making the temperature distribution along the heating tube really uniform, the efficiency of radiation which defies any comparison, and KASPO overpressure burner with a ceramic plate, with burned gas parameters good enough to be granted what is known as the Green Label. The IR radiator is delivered as an add-on system consisting of two- and four-meter modules easy to be fitted together and suspended where needed.

Wide choice of accessories to the IR radiators KASPO include brackets and flexible hoses for easy installation and connection to gas piping, service suitcases and cleaning sets. The company also delivers the radiator control systems, from simplest time switches and thermostats up to microprocessor-based CCU measuring and control systems, enabling independent control of any number of radiators according to preset day or week programs and temperatures measured by ball thermometers in the heated rooms. CCU systems can transfer data via RS 485 bus, so that the whole system can be controlled from a central room.

KASPO also provides extensive support to both present and future users of its IR radiators. The guarantee period is 24 months, and servicing is ensured in 48 hours on the territory of the Czech Republic. The company regularly organises so called "firm days", where it presents latest information about its activities to designers and installation firms. The latest KASPO product to support the IR radiator users is the KASPO SMARTING v. 4, which is able to prepare a proposal of a technical solution and price calculation of the heating by KASPO IR radiators including calculation of operating costs.

In 1997 KASPO was granted the right to use the designation „ECOLOGICALLY DESIRABLE PRODUCT - 16 - 02". KASPO is the only Czech firm, which was given the right in the Czech Republic.

The award „ECOLOGICALLY DESIRABLE PRODUCT" is no doubt an evidence of quality of the IR radiators KASPO, which was also taken into account by the expert panel at the 5th international AQUATHERM 98, who awarded the Gold Medal to the IR radiator KASPO K 10 NTL.

KASPO Praha s.r.o. have concluded a liability insurance contract with Generali with insurance coverage CZK 11,000,000

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